Cinema, Imaginary and Tourism

CITur is an international R & D group coordinated by Dr. Antonia del Rey Reguillo. Its activity is linked to the University of Valencia’s Department of Language Theory and Communication Sciences. Analyzing the interaction between cinema, the collective imaginary, and tourism is the main focus of the research, paying special attention to the Spanish paradigm. In its current stage, CITur is composed of researchers from various fields and academic centers. Including: Universitat de València (Spain), Marquette University (Milwaukee, EEUU), Dartmouth College (New Hampshire, EEUU), Universitat de Lleida (Spain) and Universidad de Sevilla (Spain).

CITur´s publications started with the project La imagen de España como destino turístico construida a través del cine (Ref. GV114/05), in 2005. After that came La interacción entre el cine español y el turismo: desarrollo histórico-temático; claves culturales, políticas y económicas (Ref. HAR2011-27750). Currently, CITur is working on its third project, Los espacios del cine español como factor de promoción turística del patrimonio geográfico y cultural autóctonos (Ref. HAR2016-77734-P). In its researching strategy, CITur carries out a pluralistic and integrative methodology of concepts and procedures belonging to the history and theory of cinema, textual analysis, the sociology of tourism, cultural studies and the quantitative data analysis techniques.