I International Conference on Cinema and Tourism

The cinematographic configuration of the tourist imaginary about Spain

Universitat de València
15 and 16 November 2006
Auditorium of the Faculty of Philology, Translation and Communication


Cinema and tourism currently constitute two of cultural´s biggest industries of economic and media scope, and that characteristic is not the only one they share. Since their genesis in the sphere of modernity, both have been united by different links of their own nature.

Addressing the study of these links on the basis of the Spanish case is the main objective of the First Cinema and Tourism Conferences, which analyses the chronological framework that covers the history of spanish cinema. It is the one that embraces the origins of cinema in the last decade of the 19th century -a date which matches significantly with the emergence of organised tourism in modern times.

The objective that is proposed to possible participants is to analyse the process of cinematographic configuration of the tourist imaginary about Spain. This will be possible using different case studies and through a variety of methodological approaches. These are typical of the disparate but complementary areas of knowledge that are linked to the main topic of the Conference, such as the history of cinema, textual analysis, cultural studies and the theory of tourism. The Conferences are proposed as an invitation, so that all those scholars who are interested in the topic can have the option of taking part in this scientific meeting.