Publication of Antología del cine turístico español (1916-2015)

04 June 2021

The book brings together a selection of two hundred and eleven films that incorporate tourism in their plots. Each film is analysed individually to determine how the activity of tourism is integrated into the filmic narrative and what its practice represents for the protagonists of the fiction and their environments. The chronological order of the films analysed allows us to appreciate not only the evolution in the way Spanish cinema has treated tourism, but also the substantial changes experienced by tourism itself and its modalities. The analyses were carried out by Eugenia Afinoguénova, Annabel Martín, Rosanna Mestre Pérez, Jorge Nieto Ferrando and Antonia del Rey Reguillo, all members of CITur.  

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Publication of La huella del turismo en un siglo de cine español (1916-2015)

27 May 2021

El libro reúne los trabajos de seis miembros de CITur, Eugenia Afinoguénova, Annabel Martín, Rosanna Mestre Pérez, Jorge Nieto Ferrando y Sebastián Sánchez Castillo, junto a los de la editora, Antonia del Rey Reguillo. La publicación se articula en dos partes, la primera centrada en aspectos como la movilidad, los espacios turísticos, los estereotipos, el género, las políticas turísticas y las film commissions. En el segundo apartado, los capítulos versan sobre el cine turístico español en sus etapas históricas.

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Celebration of the 4th International Film and Tourism Conference

25 and 26 May 2021

The IV International Conference on Cinema and Tourism, with the theme Cine español de ficción (1990 – 2020), patrimonio autóctono y turismo, was a success. With the participation of twenty speakers and a remarkable attendance of listeners, the lively debates generated interesting contributions on film tourism and its interaction with indigenous heritage. A selection of the papers presented will be published in 2022.

CITur at the International Tourism Trade Fair in Madrid

20 May 2021

This year, the Madrid International Tourism Fair has the Fitur Screen space, which has presented the report ‘The contribution of Netflix to tourism in Spain and the Spain Brand’, which evaluates the impact of Spanish productions on cultural affinity and tourism in our country. This has led to a round table of experts convened by the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) to discuss film tourism. There were three participants, the Director of the UNWTO Affiliate Members Department, Mr. Ion Vilcu; the researcher of the University of Valencia, Dr. Antonia del Rey, expert in screen tourism, and the representative of DISAL Consulting, Ms. Naomy Gymrek. 

Publication of the book TURISMO INDUCIDO POR EL AUDIOVISUAL. Revisión metodológica y propuestas de investigación transdisciplinar

April 2021

This is a collective volume published by COMUNICACIÓN SOCIAL that brings together specialists from different fields of research interested in the relationship between tourism and audiovisual fiction. It is coordinated by Jorge Nieto Ferrando (director of the TRAMA group, UdL), Antonia del Rey-Reguillo (CITur, Univ. de València) and Eva Martín Fuentes (member of TURESCO, UdL). With a foreword by Carlos Rosado Cobián, president of the Spain Film Commission, the book brings together eight works signed by scholars on the subject, including those by Nieto Ferrando himself, Sebastián Sánchez Castillo and M. Carmen Puche Ruiz, all members of CITur.

See foreword and introduction to the book here.

Call for the IV International Conference on Film and Tourism

15 February 2021

CITur has convened the IV International Conference on Cinema and Tourism under the slogan Spanish Fiction Cinema (1990 – 2020), indigenous heritage and tourism. With them, the research team closes the activities carried out in the framework of its current R&D project, which ends next June. The conference will be held online on 25 and 26 May.

See the programme of the IV Conference.

Estudios Turísticos publishes a monograph on Tourism, Film and other audiovisual productions

February 2021

The monograph corresponds to issue number 220 of the ministerial publication, published by the Spanish Tourism Institute, and has been coordinated by Antonia del Rey-Reguillo. It brings together a total of 10 articles on the subject, three of which are written by Rosanna Mestre Pérez, María C. Puche Ruiz and Olga García Defez, researchers from the CITur group. The issue closes with a thematic bibliography on tourism and film from the collections of the Centro de Documentación Turística de España.

See the journal Estudios Turísticos for more information.

Prize from the Royal Academy of Doctors of Spain for Doctoral Theses to María Carmen Puche Ruíz

03 de noviembre de 2020

María Carmen Puche Ruíz, researcher of the CITur Group, has received the award from the Royal Academy of Doctors for Doctoral Theses – Humanities 2020. This prize has been conferred on her ex aequo. The thesis, carried out at the Department of Physical Geography and Regional Geographical Analysis of the University of Seville, was defended on 23 September 2019 with the title Imagen e Identidad Territorial. El cine como instrumento de análisis del turismo en Andalucía (1905-1975).

Monographic on Spanish Cinema, Tourism and Geographic Area coordinated by CITur

29 July 2020

The latest issue of L’Atalante. Revista de estudios cinematográficos is devoted to the study of the relationship between Spanish cinema, tourism and the geographical area. It has been coordinated by Antonia del Rey Reguillo, who signed the text of the editorial, and Rosanna Mestre Pérez, author of one of the articles in the Cuaderno section. This brings together seven articles, two of which have been written by Sebastián Sánchez Castillo and María C. Puche Ruiz. Likewise, Eugenia Afinoguénova and Jorge Nieto Ferrando contribute with their opinions on the subject in a five experts conversation contained in the (Des)encuentros section. 

Spanish Cinema Academy Award for Jorge Nieto Ferrando

12 de septiembre de 2019

Jorge Nieto Ferrando, researcher of the CITur Group, has received the Muñoz Suay 2019 Prize, for his book The Film Press in Spain (1910-2010), edited by Shangrila and co-written with José Enrique Monterde. The prize, awarded ex aequo to the text Luis Buñuel. Correspondence chosen, by Jo Evans and Breixo Viejo, has been granted by the Film Academy dated June 21. The award is named after the Valencian critic, filmmaker and researcher Ricardo Muñoz Suay (1917.1997) and has been presented to the winners on Thursday, September 12 at the Academy headquarters.

Presentation of the latest book by Eugenia Afinoguénova

13 de junio de 2019

The researcher Eugenia Afinoguénova, a member of the CITur Group, has presented at the Reina Sofía Museum in Madrid her book El Prado. Culture and leisure (1819-1939), recently edited by the Cátedra publishing house. The presentation ceremony has taken place in the context of the numerous activities organized in the capital to commemorate the second centenary of the inauguration of the Prado Museum. In its original version, The Prado. Spanish Culture and Leisure (1819-1939), the book was awarded the Eleanor Tufts 2019 Prize awarded by the American Society for Hispanic Art Historical Studies.