II International Conference on Cinema and Tourism  

The representation of the tourist in Hispanic cinema

University of Valencia
11 and 12 November 2009
Auditorium of the Faculty of Philology, Translation and Communication

The University of Valencia will host the II International Conference on Cinema and Tourism organized by the R&D group CITur (Cinema, Imaginary and Tourism), linked to the area of ​​Audiovisual Communication and Advertising. It is a unique opportunity to learn about the work that different international specialists have been developing in this field, since the study of the relationships between cinema and tourism has a certain tradition in the Anglo-Saxon university world, but it has been very little addressed in the field of Spanish studies.

Cinema and tourism are currently two cultural industries of enormous economic and media coverage, and that characteristic is not the only one they share. Since their genesis in the field of modernity both have been linked by various links derived from their same nature. The study of those of these links, focused from different perspectives and from the Spanish case, is the one addressed by these Days, with a series of works that range from the origins of cinema to the present.

The theme of the Conference is the representation of tourists in Hispanic cinema and around it will not only speak experts from different universities – Valencia, UNED, Queensland, Tours and Dartmouth – but also technical managers of the industry, such as Carlos Rosado, president honorary of the Spain Film Commission, Elsa Martínez, general director of the City of Light and Álvaro Zapata, film producer.